OneNote 2010 New Features

Office 2010 has a few great new features and improvements which make sharing and collaboration easier than ever.

OneNote Web Application

You can now create OneNote notebooks through web browsers and have other people to view, edit and collaborate anywhere. All notebooks created online will be saved to SkyDrive so you will need to have a Windows Live ID.

OneNote Web Application is free, just like other similar live service Microsoft has delivered over many years (hotmail, messenger). To get start with OneNote Web App, go to and logon with your Windows Live ID. OneNote Web Application has familiar OneNote interface so you don’t have to learn it.

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Sync to SkyDrive

(This feature is only available in OneNote 2010 RTM) When you creating new notebooks, you can save them to SkyDrive so they are available to you everywhere. You will need to upgrade notebook files to OneNote 2010 file format as only 2010 format is supported by SkyDrive.


Collaboration Improvement

There are many enhancement in OneNote 2010 that improves collaboration.

  • Green highlighting unread changes. The pages contain unread content will have bold text in tab and all unread content will be highlighted in green.
  • Author highlighting. Author name will be highlighted right to the content.
  • Recent Edits highlights what changed recently and what is new in yellow.
  • Version control. OneNote 2010 will keep version of every change that has been made and allows you to restore to older revisions. (Note: this requires OneNote 2010 file format)


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