Difference between Chrome Versions

People might get confused what is the difference between Chrome channels. According to http://dev.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel

  • Stable channel. Everyone is on the Stable channel when they first install Google Chrome. The Stable channel is updated with features and fixes once they have been thoroughly tested in the Beta channel. If you want a rock solid browser but don’t need the latest features, the Stable channel is for you.
  • Beta channel. People who like to use and help refine the latest features subscribe to the Beta channel. Every month or so, we promote stable and complete features from the Dev channel to the Beta channel. The Beta channel is more stable than Dev, but may lack the polish one expects from a finished product. If you’re writing extensions, you need to use this channel or the Dev channel.
  • Dev channel. This developer preview channel is where ideas get tested (and sometimes fail). The Dev channel can be very unstable at times, and new features usually require some manual configuration to be enabled. Still, simply using Dev channel releases is an easy (practically zero-effort) way for anyone to help improve Google Chrome.

I just changed from stable channel to dev channel, ( –> 5.0.371.0). It’s surprised that dev version is very stable. Here are a few reasons why I like Chrome

  • Clean, not tile bar, not status bar.
  • Faster, Chrome has much better performance than IE8.
  • Default page, most visited sites are shown in  thumbnails.
  • Browse History Search, search sites from browse history is very easy.
  • Tabs, user can just drop a tab off to create a new chrome window. Also user can drag and drop tabs between chrome windows to better organize current viewed sites.
  • Favorite, Chrome provides an easy way to add site to favorite lists, but for managing and editing link, there is still room to improve.



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