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Windows 8.1 Set SkyDrive to Sync files for Offline Usage


In windows 8.1, SkyDrive is built in. By default it’s set to Not sync files for offline usage, just put a placeholder. But you can set SkyDrive to sync all files or just selectly sync folders/files you want for offline usage.

To make SkyDrive sync all files for offline usage, open the metro SkyDrive application from start screenshot, change Access all files offline from default Off to On.


To make SkyDrive selectly sync the folders/files you want for offline usage, in metro SkyDrive app, by marking the folders/files and choose "make offline" or in desktop mode, by right clicking and selecting then appropriate option.


How to change SkyDrive setting in Windows 8.1

SkyDrive has been fully integrated into the RTM version of Windows 8.1 so its system level settings are now in PC settings.

To display the SkyDrive settings:

  1. Tap or click the Settings charm (or press Windows key + I).
  2. In the Settings pane, tap or click Change PC settings in the lower-right corner.
  3. Tap or click SkyDrive. You may have to press the Back button in the Settings pane to see the SkyDrive settings.

Move SkyDrive folder to a different location without having all files resynced

To Move SkyDrive folder to a different location without having all files resynced

  1. Right click SkyDrive icon on the task bar, click settings
  2. In the settings tab, click Unlink SkyDrive button


  3. Move your SkyDrive folder to new sync folder location.
  4. Launch SkyDrive again, on the first run, click Change button to choose the folder set in step 3.image

SkyDrive will now use the new folder you choose, all existing files will be merged without getting resynced from cloud.

SkyDrive Upgrade to 25GB free storage

After I installed new SkyDrive Windows clientI noticed that SkyDrive is changing to a tiered pricing. The new default storage Microsoft offers will be 7GB, down from 25GB. It seems the main reason is most existing SkyDrive user don’t use more than 7GB.

The good news is Microsoft is taking good care of existing SkyDrive users with a limited time free upgrade offer. If you are a current SkyDrive user and want to keep 25GB free storage, you need request a free upgrade with one single click.

  1. Go to https://skydrive.live.comand login with your live id
  2. Click Manage Storage link
  3. Click Free Upgrade button Continue reading

SkyDrive Release Windows Client

Last time I posted a blog talked about SkyDrive is Live with OneNote Sync which you can Sync OneNote 2010 notebooks to SkyDrive. Now you can put every files in your PC on the SkyDrive and access it from anywhere, any devices.

Earlier today, Mike Torres and Omar Shahine from Microsoft, posted a blog via the Building Windows 8 blog site announced new SkyDrive Windows desktop client release. The SkyDrive release also includes new version for several platforms including Mac OS X, iPad, Windows Phone, iPhone. Continue reading

How to Open Notebooks Shared in SkyDrive on Windows Phone 7

After you save OneNote notebooks to SkyDrive, and access OneNote from windows phone, you might notice that the only notebook syncs and shows up in Windows Phone is Personal (Web). 

If you want to open/sync other notebooks other than Personal Web on windows phone, there are two options

Option 1 – Using IE on Windows Phone

    1. Open IE browser from windows phone, go to http://office.live.com.
    2. Then tap the notebook that you want to open, this will launch OneNote on windows phone and notebook will get opened and synced

Option 2 – Send notebook link via email

    1. Open notebooks you want to sync in OneNote 2010 from your desktop PC.
    2. Copy link to notebooks and send to your email account
    3. On windows phone, open the above links from your email
    4. OneNote will be launched and notebook will get opened and synced.

Note: if you go with option 1, make sure you have IE set to mobile version before go to http://office.live.com

How to Tranfer PDF Files to Windows Phone

In Zune 4.7, you can’t sync non-media files to windows phone. If you want to read pdf offline on your windows phone, you have two options

  1. Email the pdf files to youself, and open the pdf file from your windows phone. Next time when you open Adobe Reader, the pdf file will show up in the document list.
  2. Upload the pdf file to SkyDrive and then use browse to download them.

#2 applies to other file types that is supported in windows phone 7. Sync eBooks to phone for offline reading is a very common scenario for mobile users. Hope Microsoft can make this easier in Mango.

OneNote for iPhone

Earlier we mentioned that OneNote Sync is lived with SkyDrive. With SkyDrive people can save OneNote to SkyDrive directly and access it from any pc. But it used to impossible to access OneNote from iPhone due to technical safari limitations.

Today Microsoft releases Official OneNote for mobile completely free for a limited time. Following are detail feature descriptions copied from App Store.

Continue reading

How to Get Office Web Apps

What are Office Web Apps?

Microsoft Office Web Apps are Microsoft Office Live products that exceed Office product experience to web browsers. Office Web Apps allow you access, edit or share Office documents from anywhere thru internet.

How can I get Office Web Apps?

For personal use, Office Web Apps are free for personal use ( with ADs). All web documents are stored in Windows Live SkyDrive. You will have a Windows Live ID in order to access your web documents. Checkout my previous post on how to Save OneNote directly to SkyDrive.

For business use, Office Web Apps can be deployed to SharePoint server 2010 sites. Detail installation guide can be download from Microsoft Microsoft Download Center

Which browsers are supported for Office Web apps?

  • Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Firefox 3.5
  • Safari 4

OneNote 2010 New Features

Office 2010 has a few great new features and improvements which make sharing and collaboration easier than ever.

OneNote Web Application

You can now create OneNote notebooks through web browsers and have other people to view, edit and collaborate anywhere. All notebooks created online will be saved to SkyDrive so you will need to have a Windows Live ID.

OneNote Web Application is free, just like other similar live service Microsoft has delivered over many years (hotmail, messenger). To get start with OneNote Web App, go to http://office.live.com and logon with your Windows Live ID. OneNote Web Application has familiar OneNote interface so you don’t have to learn it.

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