Limitations you need know before installing Hpyer-V on laptop

If you are thinking about installing Hyper-V on laptop, you need to put following into consideration. Some of Hyper-V’s design will limit laptop’s functions, these limitation are reasonable for a server operation system but would be a pain when you consider installing Hyper-V on a laptop.

You cannot connect a virtual network to a wireless network adapter

As a result, you cannot provide wireless networking capabilities to virtual machines. if you mainly use wireless NIC or all communication between the VM and the outside world would have to be through the Wireless NIC, this will turn out to be a great deal.

Power-saving features are disabled after Hyper-V role is enabled

Power-saving features such as sleep, standby and hibernate are disabled. As per Ben Armstrong, The reason for this is that supporting these features on a hypervisor based system is incredibly complicated – and Hyper-V is designed to run on servers – where sleep and hibernate are not used.

In a word, if you use laptop as daily development workstation Hyper-V might be good for you. But you would end up using a wired NIC and losing power-saving features like hibernate.


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