How to get Apple Refund you the Money for App Purchase

You might have an app purchased by mistake for some reasons. (Personally I think paid apps in Apple App Store should have a grace period). According to Apply policy, you can’t cancel app purchase. But lucky there is a feature in iTunes you can get Apple to refund your money.

Follow these steps to get your money refund.

  1. Open iTunes, Login with your iTunes ID and then go to iTunes Store.
  2. On the top right menu with your iTunes id select Account
  3. On the account page click on Purchase History
  4. Under Previous Purchases, click on the little grey arrow to the left of the purchase you want to dispute image
  5. This will take you to a detail page, just click the Report a Problem button and then the Report a Problem link that appears next to the specific item you want to dispute.
  6. You’ll be taken to the Report a Problem page, where you can select I inadvertently purchased this application, input some comments and click Submit.



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