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How to Open Notebooks Shared in SkyDrive on Windows Phone 7

After you save OneNote notebooks to SkyDrive, and access OneNote from windows phone, you might notice that the only notebook syncs and shows up in Windows Phone is Personal (Web). 

If you want to open/sync other notebooks other than Personal Web on windows phone, there are two options

Option 1 – Using IE on Windows Phone

    1. Open IE browser from windows phone, go to http://office.live.com.
    2. Then tap the notebook that you want to open, this will launch OneNote on windows phone and notebook will get opened and synced

Option 2 – Send notebook link via email

    1. Open notebooks you want to sync in OneNote 2010 from your desktop PC.
    2. Copy link to notebooks and send to your email account
    3. On windows phone, open the above links from your email
    4. OneNote will be launched and notebook will get opened and synced.

Note: if you go with option 1, make sure you have IE set to mobile version before go to http://office.live.com

OneNote for iPhone

Earlier we mentioned that OneNote Sync is lived with SkyDrive. With SkyDrive people can save OneNote to SkyDrive directly and access it from any pc. But it used to impossible to access OneNote from iPhone due to technical safari limitations.

Today Microsoft releases Official OneNote for mobile completely free for a limited time. Following are detail feature descriptions copied from App Store.

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OneNote 2010 New Features

Office 2010 has a few great new features and improvements which make sharing and collaboration easier than ever.

OneNote Web Application

You can now create OneNote notebooks through web browsers and have other people to view, edit and collaborate anywhere. All notebooks created online will be saved to SkyDrive so you will need to have a Windows Live ID.

OneNote Web Application is free, just like other similar live service Microsoft has delivered over many years (hotmail, messenger). To get start with OneNote Web App, go to http://office.live.com and logon with your Windows Live ID. OneNote Web Application has familiar OneNote interface so you don’t have to learn it.

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Sync OneNote 2010 notebooks to SkyDrive

Start from OneNote 2010, when you creating new notebooks, you can save notebooks to SkyDrive directly so they are available to you everywhere.

How to synchronize OneNote and SkyDrive

  1. On your PC, open OneNote 2010.
  2. Go to the Notebook you want to enable sync, click on File > Share
  3. Choose your Notebook and then click on the Sign In button and enter your Live ID(aka MSN/Hotmail/XBox ID)
  4. Once you sign in, click on the Share Notebook button in the lower right. It will upload your notebook to your Skydrive
  5. Now notebooks will be automatically synced among different OneNote clients if they are online.

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SkyDrive is Live with OneNote Sync

SkyDrive is live with OneNote Sync, you can now go to Office.live.com and start upload your OneNote files. Office Web Apps on SkyDrive are available free for personal use.

When you creating New Notebook in OneNote 2010, you can now save it to SkyDrive directly. To get start, you will need to have a Windows Live ID, and sign in when you are asked to. Notebooks will be automatically synced among different OneNote clients if they are online.

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OneNote System Tray Icon Reappears

System tray icon reappears every time OneNote is started, how to turn it off?

Turn off OneNote System Tray Icon

Go to File, click options, and then click display tab, uncheck Place OneNote Icon in the Notification Area of the Taskbar.

OneNote System Tray

Note: Turn of OneNote icon in taskbar also turn off  OneNote Snap Tool, if you wish to use Windows key + S to bring up OneNote Snap Tool to capture screenshot, you will need to have option Place OneNote Icon in the Notification Area of the Taskbar marked.

Update 5-22 The equivalent in OneNote 2007 is Go to Tools, and click Other and then uncheck Place OneNote Icon in the Notification Area of the Taskbar

Turn on OneNote System Tray Icon

Change Place OneNote Icon in the Notification Area of the Taskbar option back to marked will get OneNote System Tray Icon back.

OneNote Is Unable To Start

You might see OneNote failed to start with following error message displayed

OneNote is unable to start. This may be caused by insufficient hard drive space or by insufficient write permissions for OneNote's notebook cache files in you user setting folder. Try to delete any unnecessary files from your computer and then try starting OneNote again. If this message persists, contact your system administrator. Error code: 0x45D
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OneNote Snipping Tool

I previously used Alt+PrintScreen key for screenshots and then pasted into MSPaint and then edited the picture, and then capture just part of a screenshot. Now a better way is install Microsoft OneNote and take screenshot via the WinKey + S and then select the portion of the screenshot you want and paste anywhere.

Note: this option also available under menu "Insert"  -> "Screen Clipping"

And yes, it’s better than Vista/Win7’s snipping tool in my option.

Onenote 2010 Highlight Unread Changes

OneNote 2010 has a new feature, it remembers notes you’ve read and highlights new changes since you last read. All new unread content on pages will be highlighted with green highlight. This is very helpful for people who use OneNote for team collaboration. Everyone can easily see what exactly others has added and/or contributed. The pages contain unread content will have bold text in tab and all unread content will be highlighted in green.

New page with bold text tab

New page with bold text tab

New content with green highlight.


OneNote: Unread Highlighting cannot be cleared

I recently upgraded to Office 2010 BETA and I notice an annoy bug in OneNote 2010.

There is a feature in OneNote 2010 which will highlight unread content after notes are synced between two PCs. However, it can’t detect whether those content is read or not so the green highlighting will stay there forever.

The workaround is right-clicking on the notebook and choosing to Mark as Read. By doing this you tell OneNote I read it and please remove the green highlighting. This also makes unread bolding go away.


29th April - This is gone in final Office 2010 RTM build 14.0.4763.1000