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How to Open Notebooks Shared in SkyDrive on Windows Phone 7

After you save OneNote notebooks to SkyDrive, and access OneNote from windows phone, you might notice that the only notebook syncs and shows up in Windows Phone is Personal (Web). 

If you want to open/sync other notebooks other than Personal Web on windows phone, there are two options

Option 1 – Using IE on Windows Phone

    1. Open IE browser from windows phone, go to
    2. Then tap the notebook that you want to open, this will launch OneNote on windows phone and notebook will get opened and synced

Option 2 – Send notebook link via email

    1. Open notebooks you want to sync in OneNote 2010 from your desktop PC.
    2. Copy link to notebooks and send to your email account
    3. On windows phone, open the above links from your email
    4. OneNote will be launched and notebook will get opened and synced.

Note: if you go with option 1, make sure you have IE set to mobile version before go to

How to Tranfer PDF Files to Windows Phone

In Zune 4.7, you can’t sync non-media files to windows phone. If you want to read pdf offline on your windows phone, you have two options

  1. Email the pdf files to youself, and open the pdf file from your windows phone. Next time when you open Adobe Reader, the pdf file will show up in the document list.
  2. Upload the pdf file to SkyDrive and then use browse to download them.

#2 applies to other file types that is supported in windows phone 7. Sync eBooks to phone for offline reading is a very common scenario for mobile users. Hope Microsoft can make this easier in Mango.

Configure WordPress to Use Proxy

If you setup a WordPress site on a server in intranet behind a proxy, you might get following error when you search plugins and themes in admin console.

An Unexpected HTTP Error occured during the API request.

This is because WordPress does not know the proxy server to talk to external internet. To resolve this, simply enable proxy by adding following lines to wp-config.php file

define(‘WP_PROXY_HOST’, ‘’);
define(‘WP_PROXY_PORT’, ’80’);

Replace and 80 with your actual proxy server and port.

If the intranet proxy requires user authentication, appending following lines.

define(‘WP_PROXY_USERNAME’, ‘UserName_ReplaceMe’);
define(‘WP_PROXY_PASSWORD’, ‘UserPassword_ReplaceMe’);

WordPress Remove Admin Bar


Admin bar is one of new features in WordPress 3.1. It’s automatically enabled for all logged-on user.

WordPress 3.1 Admin Bar

To disable the admin bar in WordPress 3.1, append the following code into functions.php file, you can find function.php under the theme folder.

remove_action( ‘init’, ‘wp_admin_bar_init’ );

OneNote for iPhone

Earlier we mentioned that OneNote Sync is lived with SkyDrive. With SkyDrive people can save OneNote to SkyDrive directly and access it from any pc. But it used to impossible to access OneNote from iPhone due to technical safari limitations.

Today Microsoft releases Official OneNote for mobile completely free for a limited time. Following are detail feature descriptions copied from App Store.

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Enable SharePoint Designer on SharePoint 2010 Site Collection

To Enable SharePoint Designer on your SharePoint Site Collection

  1. Go to Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > SharePoint Designer Settings
  2. Select Enable SharePoint Designer
  3. Select Enable Detaching Pages from the Site Definition
  4. Select Enable Customizing Master Pages and Page Layouts
  5. Select Enable Managing of the Web Site URL Structure
  6. Click the OK button to save the changes.

Install Office Web Apps on SharePoint 2010

Run Office Web Apps setup

  1. From Office Web Apps CD, run Setup.exe
  2. On the Enter your Product Key page, enter your product key, and then click Continue
  3. Install Now to install to the default location
  4. When Setup finishes, a dialog box prompts you to complete the configuration of your server. Be sure that the Run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard now check box is selected and then click Close to start PSConfig.
  5. If you left the Run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard now check box selected in the previous step, on the PSconfig Welcome to SharePoint Products page, click Next
  6. In the dialog box that notifies you that some services might have to be restarted or reset during configuration, click Yes.
  7. On the Configuration Successful page, click Finish. Your new SharePoint site opens Continue reading

How to Get Office Web Apps

What are Office Web Apps?

Microsoft Office Web Apps are Microsoft Office Live products that exceed Office product experience to web browsers. Office Web Apps allow you access, edit or share Office documents from anywhere thru internet.

How can I get Office Web Apps?

For personal use, Office Web Apps are free for personal use ( with ADs). All web documents are stored in Windows Live SkyDrive. You will have a Windows Live ID in order to access your web documents. Checkout my previous post on how to Save OneNote directly to SkyDrive.

For business use, Office Web Apps can be deployed to SharePoint server 2010 sites. Detail installation guide can be download from Microsoft Microsoft Download Center

Which browsers are supported for Office Web apps?

  • Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Firefox 3.5
  • Safari 4

Windows Live Writer 4 New Features

Windows Live Writer is the most popular blog client tool. Microsoft recently released Windows Live Writer 4 as part of new Windows Live Essentials Beta launch. I tried it and it looks great. Here is what’s new.

New Ribbon UI

Live Writer 4 has same Ribbon style menu as Office 2010. Actually this applies to other Windows Live wave 4 products, Live Mail, Photo Gallery etc.


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