Burning ISO files to CD/DVD media

To burn .iso files on CD disks use cdburn utility


<DVDDriveLetter>: ISOFileName


cdburn e: d:osWin7_amd64.iso to burn the image on CD disk, where e: is CDROM

To burn .iso files on DVD disks use dvdburn utility


dvdburn <DVDDriveLetter>: ISOFileName

dvdburn <DVDDriveLetter>: ISOFileName /Erase


dvdburn d: d:osWin7_amd64.iso to burn the image on DVD disk where e: is DVD

Both cdburn.exe and dvdburn.exe are part of Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit which can be downloaded here from Microsoft Download Center.

Update – Win7 now supports burning ISOs directly.

  1. Right click on the ISO file
  2. Click Burn disk image