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OneNote Snipping Tool

I previously used Alt+PrintScreen key for screenshots and then pasted into MSPaint and then edited the picture, and then capture just part of a screenshot. Now a better way is install Microsoft OneNote and take screenshot via the WinKey + S and then select the portion of the screenshot you want and paste anywhere.

Note: this option also available under menu “Insert”  -> “Screen Clipping”

And yes, it’s better than Vista/Win7’s snipping tool in my option.

Onenote 2010 Highlight Unread Changes

OneNote 2010 has a new feature, it remembers notes you’ve read and highlights new changes since you last read. All new unread content on pages will be highlighted with green highlight. This is very helpful for people who use OneNote for team collaboration. Everyone can easily see what exactly others has added and/or contributed. The pages contain unread content will have bold text in tab and all unread content will be highlighted in green.

New page with bold text tab

New page with bold text tab

New content with green highlight.


Some shortcuts no longer work in Outlook 2010

It turns out Alter Shortcuts, e.g Alt+R (Reply), Alt+L (Reply All), and Alt+W (Forward), no longer work in Outlook 2010 BETA at all, though they worked in Outlook 2007 and previous Office 2010 CTP version.

Actually, these shortcuts are not lost, they just change Alt to Ctrl for some reason. Users have to use Ctrl+R to Reply instead of Alt+R, use Ctrl+Shift+R to Reply All Instead of Alt+L, use Ctrl+F to Forward Instead of Alt+W.

Hopefully MS won’t change these again in RTM builds.


22th April – Microsoft brings them back in final Office 2010 RTM build 14.0.4763.1000, the shortcuts for reply and forward are same as Office 2007

Reply: Alt+R  or  Ctrl+Shift+R

Reply All: Alt+L

Forward: Alt+W

OneNote: Unread Highlighting cannot be cleared

I recently upgraded to Office 2010 BETA and I notice an annoy bug in OneNote 2010.

There is a feature in OneNote 2010 which will highlight unread content after notes are synced between two PCs. However, it can’t detect whether those content is read or not so the green highlighting will stay there forever.

The workaround is right-clicking on the notebook and choosing to Mark as Read. By doing this you tell OneNote I read it and please remove the green highlighting. This also makes unread bolding go away.


29th April – This is gone in final Office 2010 RTM build 14.0.4763.1000

Large email sizes in Outlook 2010 BETA

In Outlook 2010 BETA, an email in the default HTML format might take much more space than the other formats. Sometimes, a simple msg takes upward .5 MB to 1 MB or even bigger after a few replies.

Microsoft has released a fix for this, which is available at microsoft download center:

Alternatively, you can wait for Office 2010 RC and upgrade when it’s available.

Outlook Mailbox Cleanup

Here are a few tips to clean up mailbox in Outlook.

  • Find email larges than 1MB and clean up
  • Use AutoArchive to archive old emails from default mail folders to pst files.
  • Use Clean Up Conversation if you are using outlook 2010
  • Use Shift + delete to delete emails without moving them to deleted items folder.

Clean up conversation feature is a new feature in Outlook 2010. It can be found from Home tab in the Ribbon, select ‘Clean Up Folder’ or ‘Clean Up Folder and Subfolders’.

outlook clean up conversion

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