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CopySourceAsHtml for Visual Studio 2010

CopySourceAsHtml is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 that allows you be able to quickly get your code as HTML from Visual Studio, just like being able to save it as a HTML file from the Save As dialog. It’s very helpful if you frequently post code to blog or send code in email.

I recently switched to Visual Studio 2010 and noticed this plug in is not ready for Visual Studio 2010 yet. Here is how you can get it work for Visual Studio before CopySourceAsHtml owner releases an official update to support Visual Studio 2010.

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GhostDoc Tutorial

Earlier I have introduced this excellent comment auto generation tool – GhostDoc. Now you can follow this instructions to get GhostDoc working in just 5 minutes.

  1. Download GhostDoc and install
  2. GhostDoc is a Visual Studio plugin, so after Visual Studio is launched, you’d need to assign a hotkey for automatic comments generation, or just  click skip to use default hotkey Ctrl + Shift + D Continue reading

Visual Studio plug-in: GhostDoc

Are your tired of documenting you code using C# /// XmlDoc syntax for each and every method?

It is time for you to meet SubMain’s GhostDoc. SubMain’s GhostDoc is a Visual Studio plug-in the was design just for you. It will parse your method/property/parameters names and will create a great documentation just for you with simple Ctrl+Shift+D.

Download it Free at: http://submain.com/products/ghostdoc.aspx. Continue reading