Capture Single Monitor Screenshot on Dual Monitors

When you hit PrintScreen key,  windows will take screenshot on the monitor and copy it to clipboard. But if you have dual monitors setup, you will find screenshot of both monitors are captured. You might wonder how to just capture the single screenshot on the monitor you are working on.

The answer is ALT + PrintScreen. Note that it will take screenshot of the active monitor on your desktop, the one has keyboard/mouse focus.

In addition, you can use CTRL + ALT + PrintScreen to capture the active dialog box or menu on your desktop.

12 thoughts on “Capture Single Monitor Screenshot on Dual Monitors”

  1. That’s wrong information!

    print = all displays
    alt + prnt = active window only
    ctrl + alt + prnt = nonsense, the same as alt + prnt

    1. Actually, it’s correct information. ctrl + alt + prnt acts the same as alt + prnt only when there is no active dialog box on your screen.

  2. Yes, it does take a shot of the active screen, but my problem is that I need to capture the screen with the cursor over a drop-down menu. Whenever I hit “alt,” the drop-down menu I’m trying to include in the screen shot disappears. This is why I can’t use the snipping tool – because I need the pointer cursor over the drop-down menu and therefore can’t move the cursor to use it to snip. Can anyone provide another option?

    1. In this case, I do a full print screen and then paste it into paint. You can then select the section you want (including the drop-down menu which will have been captured).

  3. Use onenote screen clipping and the drop down menu can be captured. The key combo is windows key+s keys if you have onenote launched or active in the background/notification area icon

    1. the alt +print will capture active window and not active monitor. If you have 2 windows in the active monitor it will only capture 1 window.

      1. Exactly ! The question was how to capture a single MONITOR screenshot, not a single WINDOW screenshot.

        So many people getting this wrong !

  4. All of a sudden Dropbox is putting 2 Windows screens into my Dropbox and I only have 1 monitor.

    Can anyone help with this please?

  5. I’m using Windows 8 and it does not work on my computer. I have to change my settings to computer screen only and then do a FN/PrtSC, then is will take a screenshot of my computer screen only. Is there another way?? Tried the suggestions above and I don’t want to have to clip all my screenshots.

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