How to get Apple Refund you the Money for App Purchase

You might have an app purchased by mistake for some reasons. (Personally I think paid apps in Apple App Store should have a grace period). According to Apply policy, you can’t cancel app purchase. But lucky there is a feature in iTunes you can get Apple to refund your money.

Follow these steps to get your money refund.

  1. Open iTunes, Login with your iTunes ID and then go to iTunes Store.
  2. On the top right menu with your iTunes id select Account
  3. On the account page click on Purchase History
  4. Under Previous Purchases, click on the little grey arrow to the left of the purchase you want to dispute image
  5. This will take you to a detail page, just click the Report a Problem button and then the Report a Problem link that appears next to the specific item you want to dispute.
  6. You’ll be taken to the Report a Problem page, where you can select I inadvertently purchased this application, input some comments and click Submit.


28 thoughts on “How to get Apple Refund you the Money for App Purchase”

  1. My 3 year old son purchased a bucket of berries for £69.99 on sumrfs village today I am ready to blow a gasket this should never be allowed or such a sum available on kids game ! It is a blatant abuse of the system ! I cannot get on to cancel as per above as the recipet is not processed yet, but I really hope this works to get my refund !

  2. i just bought a apple macbook pro i really new for this mac so i did a mistake i purchases a os x lion after i credit i know my computer is already with os x lion .. so please tel me how to i get mu money , thanks

  3. Can’t find step 6. the report a problem does not take me to a place where I can report an inadvertent purchase. Please help a purchase of $110 was made by a child!

  4. 王者の帝国というiPhoneアプリで、課金すると、特典が付くというメールがきたので、8400円課金したのに特典がありませんでした。 騙されました!
    詐欺です! お金の返金を求めます

    運営会社に問い合わせたら、文句があるなら、 このサイトで勝手に操作しろと言われたので、メールしました! このサイトで良かったですか?

  5. My 4 yr old purchased 2 lots of coins and a bucket full of smufberries totally £30, awaiting to hear if I can get a refund, why was he not asked for a password????

  6. As a spectacularly stupid default setting, your iTunes password stays in memory for 15 minutes.
    Yesterday I bought my first app (1$) for my kid, and let him play with it.
    Today I recieved a bill for 100$(!) for purchases in the game.
    Lesson learned 🙁
    Thanks Apple.

  7. RUS ID заказа: MHWJT3BGBT
    Дата получения: 13/07/13
    Весь заказ: 1 690 р.
    Прошу вернуть деньги . Услуга не оказана.

  8. I was billed monthly and need to pay for unauthorized purchases..ive been billed $49.99 and 0.99 5 times and 1.99 and 19.99..please i need a refund..thank u

  9. I have purchased gold on candy crush and been billed R14.99 twice but no gold has been given to me.. why did I get billed twice and how come I have not received the product??

  10. iTunes is just like AT&T they are crooks!!! I had two charges deducted from my bank account and they refuse to credit my account back because I have played the game before. iTunes response was ” well then maybe you should close your account with iTunes”” quote unquote

  11. My daughter signed me up for Apple Music.. and I don’t use it.. only listen to the music I buy my self.. I don’t want Apple Music.. but now it’s say I own money.. and it won’t let me buy music..

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