Sync OneNote 2010 notebooks to SkyDrive

Start from OneNote 2010, when you creating new notebooks, you can save notebooks to SkyDrive directly so they are available to you everywhere.

How to synchronize OneNote and SkyDrive

  1. On your PC, open OneNote 2010.
  2. Go to the Notebook you want to enable sync, click on File > Share
  3. Choose your Notebook and then click on the Sign In button and enter your Live ID(aka MSN/Hotmail/XBox ID)
  4. Once you sign in, click on the Share Notebook button in the lower right. It will upload your notebook to your Skydrive
  5. Now notebooks will be automatically synced among different OneNote clients if they are online.

Access it anywhere – from another PC

On OneNote 2010 desktop client, click File –> Share you will find a link of the shared notebook, sent it to another pc and open it in OneNote 2010, you will be asked to sign in with Live ID.

Update at 12/1/2011, Microsoft has released a free update for OneNote 2010 which allow you to open which open OneNote documents stored in SkyDrive from OneNote 2010 menu directly, without having to navigate to SkyDrive site or going to another pc client to copy the notebook share link. The detail of the update can be viewed here.


Access it anywhere – from browsers

Go to and sign in with your Live ID.

Access it anywhere – from mobiles

Download OneNote from App Store and install it. Sign in with your Live ID and then you start sync notebooks. Read OneNote for iPhone for more information.

Some more tips

In order to sync OneNote 2010 notebooks to SkyDrive and use OneNote Web Application, you will need have Internet Explorer 7 or later version installed.

  • Windows XP with IE8
  • Windows Vista with IE7 or IE8
  • Windows 7 with IE8

Also notebooks files from OneNote 2007 needs to be upgraded to OneNote 2010 file format as only 2010 format is supported by SkyDrive. You can convert old notebooks to 2010 format with following steps

  1. File –> Info –> Setting –> Properties
  2. Click ‘Convert to 2010’ button and press okay.

Update 4/25/2012 SkyDrive Release Windows Client now you can drag and drop files directly to your SkyDrive folder in Windows Explorer and view it anywhere on any device!

10 thoughts on “Sync OneNote 2010 notebooks to SkyDrive”

  1. I am a PC user forever- but I use the Apple Cloud and Personal Brain synch because it is effortless. As I understand it in order to synch onenote notebooks on the web I need to make a notebook a web notebook when I create it – and that the web version becomes the “cached” or root version and the computers synch to it? Since I am often “off the web” and most people will be for a long time (and I am in a city and work at a university- one is not always on the web) this seems inconvenient. Every effort I’ve made to create synchable web versions results in many little problems. Why can’t it work like apple cloud synchs office outlook on many computers and also the iphone- without effort?

  2. I have created a web notebook from my laptop. I now wish to open the web notebook from the OneNote application on my desktop (not from the brower), but am cannot find out how to open it in application and NOT the Browser. How do I do it?

  3. I have attempted 4 times over the last two weeks to sync OneNote with Skydrive. Each time, I end up with a previous (2 1/2 week old) version of my notebook (which I work in every day) in Skydrive, AND on my desktop. I then have to restore the correct version of OneNote to my desktop. I am now giving up on Skydrive, thank you very much. It was a nice idea, but….

  4. @Penny, I notice Microsoft has released a free update for OneNote which allows you to open OneNote documents from OneNote 2010 directly. Could you give that a try? I update the detail in the blog.

  5. I have had an issue with downloading my notebooks off of Skydrive. I had to uninstall OneNote on my laptop, however I backed up all of my notebooks on Skydrive and they are still there. I have been unsuccessful in downloading my notebook from Skydrive so I can use it on the OneNote desktop application. Any suggestions?

  6. OneNote technical support OBVIOUSLY uses their own page. Whining here will get you NOTHING. Go to and leave your technical query in the Office>OneNote area. That is the ONLY way to get a response. These guys are often volunteers so be very articulate and not long winded.

  7. Was wondering which notebook has sync priority? situation was a year ago I sync’d on skydrive. then stopped because of GB limit, so started to sync on a network. well the gb got bigger thought i’d try skydrive again, well the notebooks on skydirve were now old and had little info in them, the notebooks on my laptop were pages and pages more, from a year of info had been added. So I sync again with skydrive and my laptop pages lost pages. question is does skydrive books take priority over laptop books? Should the lesson be, delete outdated notebooks on skydrive before resyncing with laptop notebooks? don’t think this would have happened if all laptops and desktops all started fresh at the same time.

  8. I downloaded the ooiratepn systemand I have to say it isn’t that comfortableit is not ready for a lot of products (and yes I know It isn’t the final version yet and even that it will take some time) but,I find the new interface very not comfortable and complicatedand it is not easy to useI have to say if there wont be a usage different between this version to the final 1 I wont see the point to buy it!I tried recently mac os 10.7 and it was much better (of my opinion offcurse)

  9. Ya, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’d have to put aside about 3 weeks of wkoring on nothing but the e-book and considering I still have clients that likely isn’t going to happen. Could do it if I didn’t have to work for anyone else but not now. So, I will likely have to revise that one. .-= Danielleb4s last blog .. =-.

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