Onenote 2010 Highlight Unread Changes

OneNote 2010 has a new feature, it remembers notes you’ve read and highlights new changes since you last read. All new unread content on pages will be highlighted with green highlight. This is very helpful for people who use OneNote for team collaboration. Everyone can easily see what exactly others has added and/or contributed. The pages contain unread content will have bold text in tab and all unread content will be highlighted in green.

New page with bold text tab

New page with bold text tab

New content with green highlight.


2 thoughts on “Onenote 2010 Highlight Unread Changes”

  1. I love this feature, I just have one question:

    Is there a way to disable on a certain machine? I ask because I read the same notebooks synced to two different machines. On my laptop I browse OneNote during builds so I like to know what’s new, but on my desktop I strictly follow links and write documentation. In that mode I would prefer to have the feature disabled so I don’t feel compelled to constantly mark everything as read.


  2. Good point. When I see the bold font in tab and highlight background color in text content, I feel very strange. Your post resolve my question.

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