Change Theme in Outlook 2010

To change theme in Outlook 2010

  1. Open outlook, click Files, then Options
  2. On the General tab, select a different theme in Color scheme drop down. image

Currently 3 themes are available: Blue, Silver or Black.


outlook blue theme


outlook silver theme


outlook black theme

This applies to other Office 2010 applications as well, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. Actually all Office 2010 applications share same theme so changing it in outlook will change themes for all other Office applications.

The equivalent step in Outlook 2007 is click Tools in the toolbar, then Options, and then on the Mail Format tab, click Editor Options, then you will see same Color Scheme in above screenshot.

6 thoughts on “Change Theme in Outlook 2010”

  1. Hi,
    Nice themes, but when i tried to change the theme, it showing error msg. that file doesn’t exist.
    Please help. any problem with my outlook?

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. thanks alot.
    Really was annoyed with silver theme.
    But then… only 3 themes!
    cant wait for MS to add more themes or at least let us personalize the color scheme

  3. These color options are dull and annoying. How about
    even plain white for example. Even the “silver” is bad.
    Were the 3 options even tested on customers ?
    For such an important interface the lack of customization is really shocking. FYI for those of us who actually do work, rather than fritter around with personal emails, the high contrast simplicity is important.

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